XF 2.1 Landing Page


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So my current setup is that I have xenforo inside /forum and I have content on my document root /

However I've also created a "landing page" within a page node on xenforo for the forum specifically. I've changed the index route in "basic board information" to pages/index and it works as intended, my only issue is that I only what this to be viewable while you're not logged in.

When you login the page just refreshes and you don't see the forum list, you see the /pages/index forum route. I've had to manually modify the public navigation for the "Home" and "forums" buttons along with my forum logo hardcoded to point to "https://site.com/forum/topics" beause that is the only way I can figure out how to get the forum list to show up instead of the "landing page" I've set as pages/index/

Anyone have any ideas or what I'm doing wrong?

OH I've also tried messing with permissions, if I set the page view to "no" for logged in users, they just get a permission denied error until they click the forum logo or one of the forum navigation tabs to be taken to "https://site.com/forum/topics"