Implemented Landing page after Add-on is installed


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I'm not an add-on developer but I use several add-ons. It would be nice after installing an add-on if I'm immediately navigated to the options for the add-on. Instead I install the add-on, see that it installed successfully, click setup, click options. click the add-on just installed in order to set it up. Allow add-on developers to opt into a navigation upon successful install.
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Add-on developers can already do this by adding a postInstall method to their Setup class and adding a redirect key to the $stateChanges array.

That said, an easier way for you to access the add-ons options is probably via the cog icon next to the add-on in the add-on list itself. If there are any options then there is a handy link in there.

That's fewer clicks and less searching through the option group list. It also exposes options that may have been added to a core option group, rather than a dedicated one for that add-on.
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