Lack of Google bots


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Couldn’t see a heading for SEO so hope this is the right section,

So - I have a distinct lack of bots and only seen a Google bot once. I’m doing just the same as I did with my other forum and with that I found I had a load of bots appear every time I added a new article. Even at the start. I’ve been adding new articles to the home page virtually daily. And although there are only a handful of members right now there is regular posting. This is exactly how my last forum started and I had regular Google bots, bing bots etc. Especially after just posting a new article. And I’m paying for Google ads - whether that helps or not.

Something doesn’t seem right. I have the G code installed on the forum (Google ads gave the code so Google analytics worked). I’ve checked Google console and analytics and they are showing statistics. It keeps giving me a notification about pages that can’t be searched (about 54 incidences now and about 11 positive).

Something doesn’t seem quite right.

Tracy Perry

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You are stressing over nothing... Google Bots don't stay on your site, and you don't want them to as they hog bandwidth as they crawl...
I see them maybe 2-3 times a day on a "heavy" day.