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I understand this may not be a bug, so to speak. However, It's not something that I know how to fix?

I would very much like to use labels, but I don't want the label to show up in search engine results. Is there something I can do on my end to fix this?

I'm attaching to images as an example.

Thanks XF Staff for all the hard work you do!


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They are part of the page title so they will show up in search results.

You may be able to change this with a template edit. Specifically, you'd be looking at modifying the <xf:title> and/or <xf:h1> tag in the thread_view template. As it stands, very much expected and not something we'd consider to be a bug.
Thanks for the quick response Chris! Can you be specific about how to modify before moving this post?
If you’re still unsure, posting a new thread in styling and customisations would be your best bet as we don’t provide supplier for customisations.
It may worth arguing that thread prefix is not part of the title. Its more the state of the thread or page, not so much the title. Its communicated next to the title since that is convenient for communicating state of the page. I think there are pros and cons to both ways.
No, this would be most appropriate as a separate thread asking a specific question as to how to achieve what you want as this is a closed bug report now and it may be useful to refer back to in the future and be useful to track in case there are repeated reports which may indicate it worth considering a change in the future.
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