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Kimsufi Problem: HTTP and DNS down


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I have the http and dns down on my Kimsufi VPS. Tried to reboot without luck. What can i do to solve this issue?
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Contact your host.
That's not going to work. Their servers are 100% unmanaged, so they won't help. Are they throwing any error when you restart those services? Is there any indication in the error log as to why the services crashed in the first place?

Tracy Perry

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Have you checked your VPS system logs for any errors?
Are you running Apache or nginx?
If nginx, have you issued an nginx -t to see if there is a config file problem (this happened to me just recently - wondered why the sites were down and had 1 vhost without a ; on the end of one of the parameters in the config file.


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They said me to use the Kimsufi Forum...but the forums seems abandoned.

@WSWD that's what i see in the control panel...

Unfortunately, that's just showing it is down. You need to log in via SSH or such and try restarting those processes manually. If they don't restart, they should throw an error.