Kier's video

Nah it's the magnetic signals from those exquisite feet! The voice gets amplified just that tiny subtle bit that makes the difference.


s not my art - was on one of the earlier Kier threads.
Because a regular computer mic that's plug-n-play or built in has poor recording quality.
TBH I have about 2000 dollars worth of mics...boom mics, headsets, studio mics...

On my pc however, my $250 headset w/mic sounds like crap next to a $2.86 boom mic that just so happens to have a better range and be 10 times more accurate. It's all about the mfg. quality and the range it can handle.

To be fair though, on a pc, I would rather use a mic that plugs into a mic jack than sound over USB but that is just me and probably stems from when I had a REALLY slow computer and first started using it to make was frustrating.
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