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KeyCaptcha... and it's weird methods.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lucas, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Lucas

    Lucas Well-Known Member


    I don't know if it's the fact I'm stupid or something along those lines, cause seriously, I had never seen anyone using this KeyCaptcha before and some of the images are barely understandable. What the heck is the image inside the red dots? Ducks with something else?

    I understand this is supposed to work against bots, not humans.
  2. Boothby

    Boothby Active Member

    I think this is a blossom from top view. Underneath I see a flowerpot.
  3. AlexT

    AlexT Well-Known Member

    :eek: I hate KeyCaptcha. Solving it is a real nuisance and I would never implement it in my own community unless I don't care about new members.
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  4. Shamil

    Shamil Well-Known Member

    I think it's against a lot of humans as well
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  5. turtile

    turtile Well-Known Member

    It looks like a daffodil but really hard to see! I got rid of KeyCaptcha after testing it myself. Some puzzles seem to be hard to get perfect (a pixel off) since it looks perfect on high resolution screens.
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  6. KeyCAPTCHA Team

    KeyCAPTCHA Team Active Member

    It's gladiolus.
    It's a part of our security system.You'll see such tasks after some strange activity from you IP (a lot of captcha requests, a lot of successfull solutions, etc). You will see default puzzles after 24 hours.
    At the same time all other users will see default task all along.
  7. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    That's why I use the add-on in the RM that is just a slider. Simple to use, requires manual input and works in the Contact Us and Lost Password overlays.
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  8. craigiri

    craigiri Well-Known Member

    i get really annoyed when I have to solve image capthas....just saying! It might be the ultimate solution for those who don't want to deal with spam, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that if you accurately measured how many posters decided not to post or finish it (valid posters), you'd be unpleasantly surprised.

    I'll stick with traditional methods until proven wrong (and for 7 years and 1.4 million posts I've been OK).
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  9. Sador

    Sador Well-Known Member

    ReCaptcha was often barely readable for humans as well. I don't know how often I've had to refresh the image to actually make it understandable for myself.
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  10. AlexT

    AlexT Well-Known Member

    And I doubt it is helping against spam any more than other similar counter measures. Spammers nowadays can and do use services involving real humans (via APIs to their spam software) to solve captchas before doing their mischief.
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  11. BirdOPrey5

    BirdOPrey5 Well-Known Member

    I dislike KeyCaptha but I absolutely hate ReCaptcha. Random question all the way.
  12. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    KeyCapthca is the single most efficient spam prevention method on the market today.

    You get the above original image when your IP has been noted as solving too many captcha's, thus they have several layers of security in place.

    If your IP hasn't solved too many over x period, then you get the single image which you have to put a couple of cut-outs into place.

    Their paid solutions are fabulous. I have the magnetic and mobile captcha versions, and they're fantastic. The images are jigsaw and when put close, they insert themselves for my users. The mobile version has a touch slide that you drag on touch devices, and when it reaches the correct position it slides the two pieces into the puzzle, thus solving the captcha.

    That one system solved all bot spam over-night, and some human spammers. Link restriction system solved all my human spam.
  13. AlexT

    AlexT Well-Known Member

    A bold claim given that there is no evidence whatsoever.

    My IP (dedicated!) is from a country that is hardly considered a spammer's haven (Switzerland), yet I find those KeyCaptcha captchas excruciatingly difficult to solve. The result is that I try to avoid registering in any community that has KeyCaptcha implemented. Is that what you'd want from your users as an admin of a KeyCaptcha-enabled forum?

    Fabulous. Fantastic. I would think of completely opposite adjectives describing KeyCaptcha's user friendliness.

    FWIW I would always do some critical research first before exposing my visitors' IP addresses to a third party service.

  14. Arkshine

    Arkshine Active Member

    Not sure why some people are that aggressive about it. No matter what some say, it works fine, and so far has stopped all the bots on my board since installed; it's definitely very effective. About the images in the first post, or links above, never seen that, it's just always one image cut in 2 or 3 parts, and it's always very easy to solve. Captcha enabled only on registration. That's said, I don't like captcha too, and right now, it's disabled, to test others solutions, I like to keep the registration as simple as possible.
  15. Wuebit

    Wuebit Well-Known Member

    Looks like some kind of mashed up egg mix on a BBQ lol.
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  16. Anseur

    Anseur Active Member

    I just googled keycapatcha and went to their demo page.

    I'm using a 30" monitor with a 2560 x 1600 resolution on my desktop.

    I tried the first demo on the magnetic tab. The image was too small to see clearly on this monitor. The 'jigsaw' pieces were even smaller and only after doing some random clicking I realized it was several pieces one of top of the other and I needed to grag them off each other to see them so I could assemble the image. I then visited the next tab on the demo called 'm+'. I tried clicking/dragging the jigsaw pieces again and could not. I noticed the new circle at the bottom left and tried clicking it, because it looked like a button, nothing happened. After a 30 sec or so of randomly clicking things I then tried dragging the circle and found how that puzzle works. hardly intuative. What's wrong with a slider bar instead of a circle? I would of realized what it was if it had been a slider bar, you know, a common user interface element in existance since computers started using GUIs...

    I then looked at the unbranded, free and ad versions , which were like the first demo page. I would immagine seeing the images would of been even worse with my retina macbook that has the same resolution as my desktop monitor but on the 13 inch screen. What about mobile users with high resolution, PPI screens? Probably just as bad on my Galaxy SIII.

    If i'm IT savvy enough to run a website and I have those problems with this, how in hell is your average user going to react to seeing that? They will not bother posting/signing up/entering the draw/whatever.
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  17. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    Considering every person who's ever installed it, has stopped EVERY spam bot immediately, I think that is plenty of evidence actually.

    Alex, please read what I said, and not what you 'think' I said.

    Nobody called you a spammer. I said that when 'an' IP solves too many captcha's, a second level of security is invoked changing the single captcha image to the column version. It has nothing to do with spam. Just another security level making it harder in the event an IP is being used for spamming.

    I also have a dedicated IP, hence why I also get the three column version to solve, because my IP has solved so many in x time.

    I would not consider any of those links research. An IP being listed on any blacklist is useless information today. A disgruntled employee's rant about their employer. Gee... like that isn't all over the web already from thousands of disgruntled persons.

    I'm not here to sell you... I don't care what you do, or don't do; I do have an opinion based on experience and knowledge, which is allowed last I checked.
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  18. Sador

    Sador Well-Known Member

    When you put the website down, you'll stop every spammer as well, just too bad about the other consequences it causes - which seems to be the point he's trying to make. It might stop every spammer ever, but if it also hurts legitimate users, it's not the best.

    That being said, I don't use KeyCaptcha nor do I have any experiences with it, so these are not my personal feelings regarding it.
  19. AlexT

    AlexT Well-Known Member

    You said "KeyCapthca is the single most efficient spam prevention method on the market today" which reads like from some marketing brochure, and no, there is no evidence whatsoever to support that claim.


    What you call a security level I call complete ******** from KeyCaptcha's side. I have nothing to do with spamming, nor do I have anything to do with solving KeyCaptcha x times (simply because I refuse to register on sites using KeyCaptcha). I have my own eyes and I see what "challenge" I would present my visitors if I implemented KeyCaptcha on any of my sites (did you even look at the example of the OP?). How could I ask them to go through the trouble (since I want them to register) if I refuse it myself?

    That's your counter argument? Think of it what you want. I have to follow local laws, and one of these laws is to protect my visitors' privacy. If I was to send any kind of information of every new member of mine to a company who is registered in the Seychelles, has its bank accounts in Cyprus, and is physically Russia, then yes, given all the bad press - even if it's "just" a disgruntled employee - should raise every red flag that there is.

    You are allowed to think or do anything (as long as you are not breaking your local privacy laws). And so am I.

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