Keep doing this!!!


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Just wanted to give a little feedback on an area which I feel is EXTREMELY excelling in comparison to your competition.

I am a programmer of sorts, in that I do write .net windows applications. However this is all I have every written and only done so over the past couple of years to any degree, and therefore my experience in "Working things out for myself" is somewhat limited at best. I do write transact sql to a very high level but thats about it.

So now you know what I do here is where you excel. These videos that you keep doing, from the "create a simple app" to the "How to set up eclipse" are extremely important and more of them should be done. Trying to get these kinds of things out of other communities is like getting blood out of a stone. Even over on vBulletin when you guys were working over their yourselfs, everything was owned by jelsoft and everything was bright and rosey there was nothing ever explained in simple terms and it seems to be assumed by many that if you have coded then you should be able to work it out. Having never coded anything outside the shiny box of windows and visual studio this is certainly not the case.

I've been looking at hacks for about 10 years now and wishing I could do my own. I could have probably learnt how to do it by now, but yeah Im lazy... Self admitted, but many people are when it comes to learning, especially when you pick up a book and the first thing it does is tries to tell you what a variable is. Its boring. You guys have given me a "Step by Step" dummies guide on how to get started, and now Im not lazy, Im interested.... Worth it? Well thats one more modification you can add to your list today and an interest to create more.
I have try in really many years to learn programming different stuff - from static html pages, VB over to php/ajax .. I cant simply learn it. But - I can read code and fix some stuff - but then when I sit with an IDE or programmers editor - so I can not see it for myself - is just not creative thinking that way - but would so incredibly like to learn/do it. So I understand you very well what you write - and take my hat off to you.

But a fun, exciting and fascinating world is opening up for you once you really get started.