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Kay Minecraft 1.1.1

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ChillaxOwner submitted a new resource:

Kay Minecraft (version 1.0) - Kay Minecraft is a Minecraft Version of KDark

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Double Navigation Bar = Optional, activate desactivate on Styles Properties
Navigation Bar Customizable.

Upload the Folder "KayMinecraft" that is in the
"zip/KayMinecraft - KDark/upload"

Then go activate it!
|Made by ChillaxOwner based on the style KDark.|

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I'm trying to edit the "kdBlock" class but I can't find it anywhere, is this not editable until the 1.2 update of the theme?

Awesome theme by the way fits right into my servers style!


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I thought that was a possible reason. Looking forward to a fix! How do you edit the user info to the left of a post? I might be able to throw a dollar your way as a donation once it's updated fully to 1.2 and I know which section 'kbblock' and related are in.