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What goes around comes around, right? That's what they say anyway.

So, I made a huge mistake a few weeks ago. I was on my laptop when I suddenly got company. Not thinking anything of it, I left the room to use the bathroom. My computer was on, my Facebook was open. Big mistake!

My friend decides to go into my Facebook and proceed to make random status updates. He also changed my birthday so that people would think it was my birthday that same day and I started getting a bunch of happy birthday messages. Funny guy right?

So fast forward to today when he comes over again. This time he actually asks to use my laptop to check out some stuff. I told him he could instead use my desktop because I don't trust him with my laptop after last time and I don't use the desktop as much. When he was done he shut it down and all was well.

Hours later and to my surprise I go to the room and notice that the computer was still on. It failed to shut down because programs were still running in the background. It was left at the End Now or Cancel menu. Well well well!

I promptly cancel Shut Down and begin snooping around. Oh poor poor friend, apparently he was on Amazon.com. And still logged in I might add. In the words of Quagmire I felt a:

So along with another friend we figured we should help him out and add some items to his very public wishlist because hey, what are friends for?