Just Wondering...


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I was just wondering about the following...

1) Is there a way to limit how many photos members may upload? Like give each member a certain amount of upload space or anything of that nature.... I just don't want my users to have unlimited amounts of space.
2) How many members can xenforo manage for upgrades. (tens, hundreds, thousands, etc)


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Just really looking to delete pictures from a given date and beyond, not so much posts.

Some times the pictures are a large part of the thread. For example. On my forum I have a post about a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I detailed. Without the pictures it would lose its impact and for some of it, it wouldn't make much sense.



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I would recommend just keeping your existing threads and disabling the uploads for that point forward and make them use a service like imgur instead. I think there's even a resource to help make it more seamless... here it is: http://xenforo.com/community/resour...le-safe-image-uploads-30-off-this-month.1478/

This way you're not on the hook for the hard drive space or the bandwidth for your member's picture thread habit from this point forward.