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Just got hit by spam.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kaiser, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Kaiser

    Kaiser Well-Known Member

    Im banning each account, but it comes back on a different ip and email, but the email host part is the same (@pjjkp.com) Had about 5 accounts register.
  2. Edrondol

    Edrondol Well-Known Member

    I told you, man! I'm not a spammer!
  3. AnthonyCea

    AnthonyCea Well-Known Member

    Ban the email @______
  4. Kaiser

    Kaiser Well-Known Member

    yea i know. I put it here so others could ban it.
  5. Shamil

    Shamil Well-Known Member

    I think ReCaptcha has been compromised. Need to switch to an alternative method ASAP.
  6. Alex

    Alex Active Member

    We've had loads of spammer attempt to sign up, we have out accounts on manual validation, so they never actually get as far as posting on the boards, had to switch to Q & A instead of recaptcha, it's slowed it, but I need to tweek the questions a bit more
  7. Kaiser

    Kaiser Well-Known Member

    Wow just had some one post porn, and I have email activation turned on... wow they are getting past that too, unless it is a real person.
  8. fattony69

    fattony69 Well-Known Member

    I've gotten that. Actual people posting porn stuff and spam. Annoying.
  9. Shamil

    Shamil Well-Known Member

    Just sent an abuse mail to the server provider and upstream provider.
    Kaiser likes this.
  10. Lu Kas

    Lu Kas Active Member

    turn on manual activation by admin for 2 days and wait till the bot storm is over.
  11. Kaiser

    Kaiser Well-Known Member

    Alright now thanks too the Report conversation mod I have installed, one of my members was PM'd gay porn by the same member named "anon" who also posted gay porn on one of the threads... wow they can send PMs now? here's the ip:

    Content IP hosted.by.ioflood.com
    User Registration IP mail125.anonymouse.org
    Account Confirmation IP mail125.anonymouse.org

    Looks like its using a proxy
  12. Shamil

    Shamil Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I recognise that IP - it's on my list :) Sent an email to ioflood and HE.net. :)
    Kaiser likes this.
  13. TNCclubman

    TNCclubman Well-Known Member

    can we please get question/answer registration for Beta 6?
  14. AnthonyCea

    AnthonyCea Well-Known Member

    Pre-moderate all new user posts or you will wake up to porn every morning and your guests will be exposed to it.

    Create user groups and move real members into a user group not subject to pre-moderation unless you have moderators online 24/7, which most forums do not !!
  15. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    Ban. Ban. Ban! Ban 'em all! :D
    IN addition to recaptcha!

    Not one or the other. I want both at the same time.
    krstep likes this.
  16. Kaiser

    Kaiser Well-Known Member

    Same here carlos
  17. Kaiser

    Kaiser Well-Known Member

    Wow another one same as the last one
    Content IP​ hosted.by.ioflood.com
    User Registration IP​ hosted.by.ioflood.com
    Account Confirmation IP​ hosted.by.ioflood.com
  18. Andy.N

    Andy.N Well-Known Member

    This is on your XF forum right?
  19. Edrondol

    Edrondol Well-Known Member

    I'm looking but I can't find it. Was there an addon here that allowed us to promote users based on post count? So you could create a "Probation" user group and set it up so that they wouldn't be a Registered User until say 10 posts. That way you could set the Probation user group to not have sigs or PMs.

    Am I just blind?
  20. Kaiser

    Kaiser Well-Known Member


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