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I would like to thank all XenForo developers and staff members to bring back the old vB-feeling. After all these months, dealing with the software from that other place, I finally heard about this place. After trying the demo, I have purchased a license and was testing it for several days - even imported a local copy of my forum (2 million posts, 20k members, 2k active members) to xF which worked like a charm. I am more than happy, that I have finally found an alternative solution to move on (and hopefully leaving the sinking IB ship, as soon as xF 1.1 will be released). A few months ago I even considered to move to IPB, speaking of desperation *lol*. Thank you again and keep up the great work!



Nice to see you on XenForo, and glad to read you like it.


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I'm very curious to hear more about what you're doing. I've converted one site (well, actually Floris did that one for me, lol), working on a second, but have some big boards similar in size to yours that I'm a bit gun-shy about bringing over to XF. What is the url of your site?


I recommend big board owners to get pre-prepped as I call it.

Get your big board converted, find out what goes wrong and right ..
Once it's up and running, behind .htaccess, invite your team members, do a first 'run through' and discuss pointers.
Then get your regular members in via invite only .. and get their feedback.
Having them on board - and your team - makes you ready to prep for a final convert, when that goes ok and you now have the experience to convert, configure, tweak, etc .. you just flip the switch and go live ..

Have threads ready for your members, have your regular users help write them, and have the team ready to hold hands for the regulars that need help and what not ..

It's a transition period, but .. it's still just a forum "go to forum, click on new discussion > or post a reply && participate" ..