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XF 1.1 Javascript Problem

I'm trying to get these mouseover tooltips to work on 1.5, but for some reason they wont. I've tried placing the script in page_container, page_container_js_body, and hosting the file and using <xen:require> locally to no avail.

Now they DO work in 1.2 when put into the page_container_js_body template, however a lot of other stuff I'd like to use is unsupported/broken in 1.2. I'd like to use 1.2, but I'd rather stay on 1.5 for the time being as everything I want is working, except for this.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: This occurs off a clean installation with no addons/modifications.


XenForo developer
Staff member
That script loads (or requires) a different version of jQuery than the one used with XF 1.1. As such, it will only work in 1.2 (which uses a newer version of jQuery).