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Jake Bunce doesn’t write code. He stares at a computer screen until he gets the progam he wants. :)

Man Jake thanks for the Birthday Present...

He is a very stand up guy, if there is anything I can do to help you out just let me know. He had to have been up all night or something, because, I pulled an all nighter last night and he was still pming like crazy at 0500 in the morning.

I want to say thanks again, he help me move a site last night from SMF to Xenforo, my 2nd Lic... YAY...

Again Jake
Totally agree I happen to view your happy birthday thread yesterday and noticed jakes generous offer which is rare these days. Great Job Jake truly a very helpful guy to others around here.
Wow, like really really WOW! :eek:

Thank you Jake for helping this community the way you do. We are honoured and lucky to have you as a part of us. :)
Jake is a giant. Not only does he respond to support needs, and quickly, he never talks down, always bothers to explain FULLY what he means in human language. Never implies I'm stupid, never just posts a few words that only another coder would understand.
Much of my happiness with XF is down to Jake.

When you say giant your not referring to the (ps. I'm taking that comment literally).

Jake rocks. Incredibly smart guy and is able to explain complex answers in a way that even I understand. He has been incredibly helpful.
When you say giant your not referring to the (ps. I'm taking that comment literally).

Well as a leading Pagan priestess I would gladly recognise Jake as the abundantly fertile creative sexy benevolent Green Giant.
But courtesy prevents me from it as it may not suit his faith or worldview.
However for someone not a Pagan priestess to say so is permissible and I'm glad you did.
I really think he's awesome and very friendly. I want people to know I appreciate Jake being here. I respect that about him. He's reliable, very helpful, knows exactly what he's doing...

Kingly Regards ^^
Everybody loves Raymond Jake !
Even the Xenforo.com troll brigade love 'em.
He's the kind of guy that would probably shove coffee up his a55 just to break up the tension, IMO.

Regardless, doing so well at such a tough job ... major kudos.

I am going to say something obvious ... but it's nevertheless important.
Xenforo Ltd. would be FUBAR'd without him .... and 2013 should be a great year for Jake and Xenforo.
There is absolutely no one who could have kept the good ship Xenforo going as well as it is .... other than Jake.

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