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[J] Email Check 1.0.2

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JustinHawk submitted a new resource:

[J] Email Check - Block Registration via Disposable E-mail

Note: Currently this addon can't be used for upgrading xenforo 1.x version of this addon , i will do that all later.

This is a simple addon that check the emails entered by users during registration via the api of
  1. validator.pizza
  2. ipqualityscore.com

What's the limit?

  1. The number of request is limited to 120 requests per hour, per IP address for Validator.pizza . If you need a higher limit, please contact them on...
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Hello, what happens after an error? i woke up with some "time outs" and i do not know what the users tring to register did.
GuzzleHttp\Exception\ServerException: Server error response [url] https://www.validator.pizza/email/userEmailEdited35@gmail.com [status code] 504 [reason phrase] Gateway Time-out src/vendor/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/Exception/RequestException.php:89
thanks for you work :)