It is official. I am a Xenforo addict.



Naw, just a tad over 3,000. :)
I've nearly had 4000 but don't worry Moody Mouthy Mod, I've deleted over 250 of my posts so it's closer to yours now. Won't be long before you can claim the user-title of most poster.

And I am sure you will be helping me by deleting this post as well.

Congrats Grover!


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Having a bad day Floris? Sorry about that. No need to delete your post. In fact, it's rarely ever me who deletes your posts, but eh.
I hope you feel better soon. :)


Yeah, pretty bad day. Closed my site as XenForo doesn't help improve it.
And had to have some serious chats with my parents, my mom's basically not mobile anymore, and my father is getting operated for cancer in a few days after which we will know if he dies in a year or not - something we found out just a few weeks ago.

So yeah, bit of a bad day as I am kinda losing everything I cared for. Hope yours was better Peggy. How is that defendxenforo fund going, making lots of money yet?

steven s

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Maybe the trophy should be changed to 'junkie'.
It's doesn't take 1000 posts to become an addict. :)
I was hooked after my first post.
Then again, I have no will power.

I need to rearrange my cubicle. :)


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Join the club, you are now eligible for weekly sessions in the XAA (XenForo Addicts Anonymous). It's good to see that you've already taken the first step: admitting that you can not control your addiction. We will help you cope with your further life starting with the next step (recognizing a greater power).