It has been 5 years of the XenForo Community


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We are less than an hour to the first 5 years of the XenForo Community. Yes, five years! I still remember this post like if it was yesterday:

Welcome to XenForo, an all-new forum software package.

These are our official company forums. XenForo isn't ready to be released quite yet, but we want to get your feedback on it so far. We want to know what you like, what you don't like, and what you want to see. These are early days, so we need you to help shape our direction. Have a look around, poke at things, and give us your feedback.

You might stumble on some cool things, but we're also going to highlight features and concepts in the Have You Seen...?forum. Keep checking back for more.
Source: Welcome to XenForo!

In these 5 years here are the stats of our community:
  • Threads: 89k
  • Messages: 931k
  • Members: 77k
I'm very happy to see the growth of this community being reflected in a better software. XenForo 1.5 is the best proof that the developers do listen us and I'm very excited about the upcoming beta release of XenForo 2.0 next year.

Thanks to all the members that contribute with the community helping others, thanks to the mods for their invaluable work, thanks to the add-on developers for their awesome releases, thanks to everyone part of this community for making such a wonderful place to stay.

Happy 5 birthday XenForo Community!!!

All the best,
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5 years.. wow.

Joined: Jul 29, 2010
I still hold account ID 163 (and was annoyed with myself I didn't get a top 100 one :p) which I think is kinda cool.

Congratulations XenForo and their devs, it's good to see it's still going strong.


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I miss old times when Kier and Mike were more active on the community, was really good to have directly communication with the developers


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Well Mike is very active and Chris too... Kier isn't because he is working 100% in XenForo 2.0

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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I sometimes I regret not joining the community when I first heard of XenForo in 2010... I would've been in the < 10000 group for sure! :p


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Yup I also discovered this community in July 28 2010 following a link from TAZ and I regret not joining then (I was going to be in the top 50 list) :cry:

I believe this answers your question, Lisa :p


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Yup I also discovered this community in July 28 2010 following a link from TAZ and I regret not joining then (I was going to be in the top 50 list) :cry:
29th, I doubt you got an invite to the private unveiling on the 28th lol

XF is in the UK, so we're using UK timezones :p

Mike Edge

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I lurked a while before registering and stuck with vB3, but still made it in Club 9000 (by less then 50 ppl at that) :)


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I joined on April 1, 2013, but didn't become active until June 14, 2013, with my first post being in the song thread. I don't remember if it was before or after, but that same day I posted on the profiles of @Brogan, which I later deleted because I realized he wasn't a developer, and @Mike, reporting an activity bug, where when viewing the forum list, your activity just said Viewing forum rather than Viewing forum list, causing confusion because Viewing forum with no forum name after it is when someone is viewing a forum another user cannot see.

At that point, I didn't really know where to post things. I still remember Mike telling me to post in the XenForo Bug Reports forum in the future. :)

Profile Post in Question: Mike

Liam W

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Registered April 2013...

My first few posts were complaints about VAT...

Anyhow, got a license some point then and started delving into add-on development, and here I am!

(I'm in the <50000 club. Not very exclusive though :()



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#8923 here :eek:

So XF turns 5, and my community will be turning 4 next year :p

Congratulations to the team, a great product by talented & caring developers, backed by excellent support & community.

Edit: My first post was asking something related to post-bit and @Brogan answered, I've been on here mostly for receiving support but have participated here and there to help out others too.