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Good morning folks,

I am an active license-holder of XenForo, but I currently use IP.Board + Apps for my community. There are some questions that I'm hoping the XenForo community can help me out on:

Highest Priority
1. Does anyone know a way to convert Coppermine Photo Gallery into Chris D's "Xen Media Gallery" or sonnb's "Xen Gallery"?

(Unless someone is willing to create a bridge between Coppermine and XF, which I am willing to pay $$).

2. Does the XF Resources import from IP.Downloads?

3. Suggestions for a frontpage, article system, or portal?

4. Does XF support Google Wallet, Amazon, or bitcoins as payment gateways?

Medium Priority
5. Custom navigation menus? (Or at least the ability to add my own link with dropdown options?)

6. General thoughts about the XenForo search?

7. Comparison of the built-in SEO between IPB and XF?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and helpful advice. I look forward to learning more about XenForo.



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1) No, best bet to contact the addon authors.

2) No, however I have just finished a similar project (to import into the resources manager, so may be able to help depending on your budget)

3) ExtraPortal

4) No, paypal only at the moment

5) Jake Bunces Nodes as tabs addon

6) Fantastic (especially if using enhanced search)

7) XF SEO is well regarded as some of, if not the best going at the moment.


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Thanks for the detailed information. I will look into the CMS systems you suggested. (Why not XenPorta?)

I've bookmarked your topic on "Import Services" for future reference. Thanks.


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3) Frontpage, article system


a) Featured threads and portal
b) Widget framework
d) Extra Portal

a) You can try it at
b) You can install for free at you own site and try it out
c) You can try it at
d) You can install it for free at our own site and try it out


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1. Does anyone know a way to convert Coppermine Photo Gallery into Chris D's "Xen Media Gallery" or sonnb's "Xen Gallery"?
IP.Gallery has an importer for Coppermine Gallery 1.4 and it appears XenGallery has an importer for IP.Gallery.

So you could potentially do the following workflow:
  1. Import your Coppermine Gallery into IP.Gallery.
  2. Import your IP.Gallery into XenGallery.

That should work as you already have an existing IPB license (assuming you have IP.Gallery in your bundle). Before proceeding I would probably contact @sonnb to confirm if the IP.Gallery importer would work that way.