XF 1.5 Issues with Usergroups and Promotions


I'm trying to setup a promotion so that users with 10 posts or greater can access a particular forum. I have the usergroup for this setup properly and have restricted access to the standard registered user.

I have setup the promotion to allow access after 10 posts but yet it's still not working.

I've read extensively on permissions and promotions and I'm not getting anywhere.

Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm not sure on the version we're on.
So correct me if I'm wrong, so you have a group that when you hit 10 posts you are assigned to that group. You want to have content only to be displayed for that particular group?
What isn't working?
The promotions or the permission to access the user group?

Promotions run on a cron periodically and will only apply to recently active members.
You can force it for all members by running the Rebuild User Group Promotions task under the Tools menu.

If no members are promoted then, the criteria is incorrect or they don't meet it.

If it's a permissions issue, you can use the permissions analyzer to determine why they don't have access.
I suspect it may be due to the use of Never in the Registered user group.
The promotion seems to be the issue. It's not promoting people to the correct usergroup and the restricted usergroup still seems to have access.

Thanks for the pointers guys. I'll take a look at the never options and see if I messed up there.

Thanks again guys, I will report back.
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