RM 1.2 Issues when moving resources

sami simo

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When moving resources from category to another, I noticed:
  1. The associated thread get soft deleted.
  2. if the destination category has no custom fields, custom fields in the resource are deleted. and I can't recover them even if I enable those custom fields in the destination category later.
Is this by design, or something is not working on my forum?


XenForo developer
Staff member
The associated thread settings would be based on the thread settings for the target category. If there's no forum specified for the target category, the thread will be removed. (Similarly, the thread would be moved if necessary if a different forum were specified.)

Fields are also associated with a category, so any fields that don't apply to the target category will be removed.

sami simo

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Thanks @Mike.
It would be better to have some kind of warning that some fields will be deleted when moving a resource to a specific category.
Moderators may move resources and delete fields inadvertently.


XenForo moderator
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Arguably, if the resource needs to be moved to the correct category and that category does not have those fields, then they should never have applied to that resource anyway.

sami simo

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They shouldn't, but in a forum life, especially those with complex categorization, mistakes like this will happens one day or another ,and the result can be the loss of valuable data.