Issue with smilies following update to 2.2.8


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Still the same @Chris D

Firefox 96.0.2 (64-bit)

type text then add a smiley (or other image)
The cursor then moves before the smiley/image and you cannot place it after it.

In order to continue typing without moving the smiley with the text you have to delete the smiley/image first then finish your text, then add the smiley/image where you want it within the body of the text

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in general, there are massive problems even when inserting several and then continuing to write - apart from the break that occurs, see video...

Firefox 🤮 The latest version is used.


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I just had this issue (posted elsewhere) with Firefox - the work around is to press the down arrow key and that moves the cursor to the right of the smilie - which is a complete pain but it works.


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The one thing I have noticed is it doesn't happen with the latest version of firefox whilst using an android phone (Samsung S20).
So is it specific to Firefox and Windows 10 ?


I'm using a windows 10 desktop with the Firefox latest (98.0.2) and this problem no longer happens on this site..;)
It does continues to be a problem on my site with XF v2.2.8 Patch 1, any idea why it happens on my site and not here?

Wondering if a fix is available...
Edited after my post below, there are still problems here.
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I dislike misbehaving smilies, but there are still some problems here with them, smilie inserted ok but reverted the cursor before the smilie again.😏


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No it's a complete different problem.

I need to switch to no-bb-code to type on a next row after placing a quote,image,video,emoticon. in FF 103.0.1 (64-bits) latest version.