XF 2.1 Issue with Invisible reCAPTCHA


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So i have a situation where Invisible reCAPTCHA is turned ON and i have multiple editor and forms and a single page i.e Thread View page..

When any or of the form is submitted it defaults to the first form on the page and tries to submit the first form regardless of the form submitted.

Can you please look into this issue, I know having multiple forms on threads view page is not XF default behavior but looks like a problem in the JS which is causing the above issue.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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I'll move this to the development discussions forum for now.

We're going to need a significant amount more detail on your use case here, and how it is implemented specifically and how we would go about attempting to reproduce this. We'll move it back if a bug can be confirmed otherwise the approaches you're taking may need refinement.