issue with alert options


it appears that with all versions i have of xenforo, if you uncheck in alert preferences and then checkback alerts for threads, you don't receive no more mails for it :

When I registered, everything was working great- I received alerts on forum and notification emails. Then I wanted to test it and changed:

/account/alert-preferences and removed thread alerts only, left the rest, I dont receive any emails for threads and for profile posts. For gallery I receive emails OK. I put all allerts back up and tested it. Only gallery alert email came.


XenForo developer
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The code is generally independent for emails and alerts, so changing alert preferences generally shouldn't change whether they receive emails from watched threads. Note that emails are not sent for profile posts, just alerts.

I can only guess that the user hasn't fully read the thread. They won't receive further alerts or emails until the thread has been read. (They can see the unread watched threads in the "watched threads" section.)