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I think there's already a couple of posts along similar lines. I posted the same last week, it'd be great if the What's New worked like this :)


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ispy is the #1 request i am getting from my users.

what would be great is if somebody would ajaxify 'recent activity'. imo thats way cooler than whats new, and more in the spirit of ispy.

Adam Carem

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If someone is looking to create something similar to this but as a Xenporta Module then I would be willing to pay for it. Please contact me via my Inbox if needed.


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It would be cool if the Recent Activity page updated like this as a default XenForo feature. Whether it could be enabled or disabled, it would be a nice feature for those interested.


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I think the people that are looking for an auto-update, latest posts page would be happy with something really basic for starters...I know I would. I need to get it crossed off my pre-convert requirements checklist.