Is XenForo the fastest loading forum you've come across up to now?

Is XF the fastest loading forum you've come across up to now?

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My ping to is 180 ~ 190 ms and to my VPS 150 ~ 160, can't wait to see the first release running in my server :)

Anyway XenForo loads pretty fast now, it's like a chat with the advantages of a forum.

Paul M

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Its fast, but certainly not the fastest ive encounted.

Dont forget that the server running the software can have a large effect on how fast it runs.


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my IPB install loads faster. MyBB loads faster still. Tested it with the firefox loading time thing. (first time i used fireailfox in a long time)

Anthony Parsons

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IMHO, I think its impossible to measure to the infinite level, due to the factors at play, ie.
  • Server hosted & loads at specific time
  • Distance to server / its physical location
  • Server companies upload speed (10Mbits or 100Mbits)
  • Your local loads / connection speed/ ISP
  • Your physical system specifications
  • How much of a site you have viewed and is cached upon your browser.
No doubt there are more that I have missed. To my knowledge from reading, cacheing hasn't been enabled yet / or announced that it had been enabled. Last I read from Kier or Mike was that cacheing is off until further within the development.

A Joomla install on a local melbourne server is far faster to load than the identical Joomla install I have sitting on a US based server, both enterprise level.


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I saw a very simple Ruby on Rails forum once that was faster, but I have yet to see any kind of mainstream Forum that is faster than this one :D


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There is no doubt this is fast. But we have to wait since all the features are not fully functional yet. There are still more things that need to be turned on.

I am still very confidant that it will be a faster loading board than any other. We just have to wait and see.

Luke F

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But I'm not talking about ping stats, just your experience with loading pages/browsing around on the forums. So not the speed of their server but more like the speed of the software itself.
Yes I'm saying it feels slower than a ~0.1s page load on vB4 where the ping is 30ms. Once I get XF on my server it will probably be at least as fast.