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Is XenForo suitable for all type of forums?


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Do you imagine a serious forums like WHT (WebHostingTalk.com) running XenForo?
There's no reason not too other than the fact that converting 6 million posts into a beta software probably wouldn't be the best decision. XF is still in beta but with time... good things come :). There's a thread in here relating to performance increase since a board was switched to XenForo, interesting stuff :)


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No... it is not suitable for the following kinds of Forums...



Those run by Admin Nazi's....



Any of those and the software rebels and starts playing mind games with the Admins before running (barefoot) off giggling and hiding behind the bike shed!

Digital Doctor

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Do you imagine a serious forums like WHT (WebHostingTalk.com) running XenForo?
One thing should be plainly obvious.
xenforo is MUCH more likely to meet the needs of a large site than vBulletin 4 !

Truthfully, I think super large sites, if not optomized, can spend $500 extra a month on bandwidth if not careful.
I'm not sure xenforo is super crazy tweaked to meet the extremely niche "Super Large site" market.
I'm sure xenforo will eventually... there are threads discussing this BTW.

Since the cost of xenforo $140 is negligible to a big site, I would expect them to probably just buy xenforo and test things behind the scenes.