Is XenForo Russian language friendly ?


You have very interesting product. :)

I'm going to buy 1 license.
But the default language of forum is English.
Is it possible to change ( to add more languages) for forum.
I want to add Russian and Ukrainian language for forum.
But according to this link - Russian Language this is payable part for localisation.
You system told me - I need to have license key to get translation.
"In order to download resources or read tutorials, you must be a licensed XenForo customer."

I didn't find Ukrainian language for forum. Does it mean, that I should translate language myself ?
please explain. :(


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Chris D

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The Russian language you linked to in our Resource Manager is a free download once you are a licensed XenForo customer.

There appears to be a very old Ukranian translation here:
Ukrainian (UA) Language Pack

That, however, is likely to be so out of date you may wish to create your own. It is possible to translate a language yourself quite easily (but there are around 4000 phrases in total).


Thanks for quick response guys!
One more question: is it possible to switch language of forum "on-the fly" - by clicking on language image or something like this ?
see screenshot


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Chris D

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In a multi language forum there is a language selector, yes. It would be next to the Style Chooser in the bottom left corner and display the name of the current selected language.

When you click on that, you get a selection like this:


A user can change it in their preferences, too.