Is this possible?


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I want to wipe the database and start my forum again from scratch - there's a lot of dead wood in the forum as it stands (imported from vB4), however I would like to save a select number of members so that they don't have to re-register when I get the new house in order.

What I'd like to do is to systematically delete all the old members who never show face and leave the selected few. Is it possible to do this then back up whatever (which ones?) tables in the database, reinstall the forum and then import the table data containing the members I want to save? I just need their usernames, passwords and any other data that is associated with their accounts so they can login and start posting again. If this is possible what tables should be saved?

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No, that's not feasible.
You can't selectively edit/truncate/import tables as they are linked to other tables.

Why don't you prune the vB database before importing it?
That's how most people approach it.


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Sorry a slight misunderstanding here - I have Xenforo installed and have already imported everything from vBulletin. What I envisage, if it's possible, is to delete all the dead members via the Xenforo admin panel leaving only those that I want to keep. Backup from the mySQL database the tables that contain their information and details. Wipe the database and remove Xenforo from the server completely, upload all the files again and re-install Xenforo from scratch but, to save these members I want to keep from having to re-register, just import their information from the backup - only those tables that are relevant would be imported from the backup. If this is possible I need to know what tables should be backed up and restored. If it's not possible then I will have to get them to re-register.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, sometimes I don't get it right first time lol.



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Backing up all the xf_user_*** tables would be a step in the right direction, but your mileage may vary.


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That's magic thank you - I'll do a dummy run on this with a test installation (which obviously only I can access lol) and if it works then I'll go for it.

It's amazing how much deadwood can be accumulated over time.