Is this new ?

Green Cat

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I don't think the "First Unread" button next to the pagination was here yesterday, but what is the point since clicking on the topic title already brings to the first unread message ? :confused:


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If you click on a 'xxx liked your post' from your 'Alerts', it will take you to the 'liked' post! Now you are in the thread and it is a busy and long thread, say, you can carry on reading wherever you were clicking on the 'First Unread' button ;)

You are correct, it wasn't there yesterday... and then it was there yesterday ;)


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First unread is new, yes. I found that I was entering threads via the alerts system for 'X has liked your post' notifications, and once I was in the thread I wanted to jump to the first unread post... so we put it in place :)


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First Unread is a nice feature, but i would suggest you to put (also) a go to top button ... i found it really useful for me (onto an IPB) ... :)


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Right beside the First Unread, I would like to see a Jump To Bottom button. I would like to see it on forum home page as well. Just a little convience, :)


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That will be a simple Mod to add. Right at the top right of the Menu: Bottom

I always use the Top link, and think I would use a jump to Bottom link just as much. :)


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When you jump to a post, how about a floaty link in the lower right corner "Back to where I was"?

I know it's kind of cluttery though.