MG 2.1 Is there any reason to use ffmpeg with xf2.1.8 or above

Tom McIntyre

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I was getting a fatal error when uploading media and I disabled the ffmpeg option. That seemed to be sufficient to fix the problem and I was able to upload a .mov file with no problems.

My test site is running 2.2.8 and we hope to deploy it in the near future with 2.2.9 and the current versions of the official addons.

Are there some media types that will not workwithout the ffmpeg feature?
If FFmpeg is not enabled then video uploads would be limited to mp4 with H264 encoding.

For XFMG, we attempt to make all videos work across all devices and the only way to do that is with FFmpeg.
I take it that includes the iPhone mov files but may imply performance in some usage configurations?

Turning it off got rid of a fatal error that was likely due to misinstallation.

I think I have someone who can help with that.
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