XF 2.2 Is there an example of working bounce email for automatic handler to recognize?


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I am trying to handcraft an bounce email based on webhooks that the automatic bounce handler would then recognize correctly.
I have tried to make emails that look like an bounce emails that I get from smtp.gmail.com and also smtp.zoho.eu but I can not get my handcrafted emails to be recognized at all and an an additional problem is that even the bounces I get from sending email through those well known smtp servers to an nonexistent address they do not seem to get recognized correctly in xenforo. The database entries in email_bounce_log seem to have either NULL or wrongly read addresses as user_id and recipient.

It would be helpful to know exactly what it is that the automatic bounce email handler looks for in the bounce email that needs to be there for it to work.
Since without this information I am sort of throwing rocks into darkness at random.

There is the setting "Enable variable email address values for automated email handling"
Could I get an answer for both cases whether this is enabled or not.
In my case I think I need to leave this unticked since I am working based on webhooks that I get from email service provider and those do not include the information that the ticked version of this option would need. I think.

It would be nice if I could get to know what is minimally needed in the email for the automatic handler to recognize and what is discarded as extra fluff.
Extragood would be if there would be an debug option in xenforo that would somehow send out some verbose output what it thinks during the parsing of the bounce emails so that the information I get is something more than just that it failed.

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