Is there an easy way to (temporarily) hide posts from a given user?

So for sound technical reasons, I would like to do something that's effectively soft-deleting every post by a particular user, but easily reversed. Like, make it so that admins can see their posts, but no one else can, until a thing gets resolved some other way. And I am not sure how to accomplish this. I don't want to permanently delete the posts, I just want them to be unfindable. Also the user, preferably.

Is this a thing that I can do with a ban? With something other than a ban? I note there's a "Hidden" user group but I don't have any clue what that does.
(Thank you for moving this to the right forum. I couldn't get the forum list to display because something went horribly wrong with my internet feed and I'm getting <70kbps total bandwidth instead of the usual couple of mbps.)


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You could use the spam cleaner for it (you may have to change the criteria).

You can then use the 'Restore' link in the Spam Cleaner Log if you wish to restore the posts.