Is there an easy way for Mods or Staff to leave each other private messages within a thread?


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In my old vBulletin forum, my staff could leave each other messages with in a thread by "unapproving" the post. That way only Mods could read each other's comments.

I know we can unapprove posts in xenforo, but does xenforo have some sort of built in feature that is a cleaner way of doing the same thing?

And example of what I mean is:

Post 1: Player complains about something
Post 2: Mod replies "we'll look in to it"
Post 3: Mod leaves note for other mods "this guy is an idiot" but un-approves the post so only staff can see it.
Post 4: Mod replies "okay, we fixed it for you"


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No, there is nothing build in, and I don’t think there are any current addons to do that.

There is an open suggestion,