Is there an Arcade for XF yet?


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Is there an arcade plug in for Xenforo yet? I hoped there would be seeing as every forum software out there has one.

I've searched the forums and all roads seem to lead to a dead end.
There is and there isn't. One is made and was in late alpha/early beta stage and then it kinda fell apart. People have been trying to get one for a while now.
XFA will likely be relaunched with a different developer that I've been talking to. Just waiting for him to give the "Go" signal that he is ready.
My improved version of xfarcade (highscores, improved layout, etc) is still just a PM away
HHhhmm.... I wonder if I can get you two guys talking with each other. :)

(Makes mental note to send a few PCs when I get home tonight.)
Nice. What were your template mods?

Oh and how the heck do you install IPB games? Or rather, install them so that scores are actually saved.

Followed the directions of the original files. Its cumbersome, but once you get it down you can install one really quickly.

I didn't do any template edits, just did some CSS editing to display some images.
What sucks is I'd made really intricate and detailed instructions about how to install games and take care of several issues, as well as a guide as to where to get games. All posted on the arcade site. :(
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