XF 1.5 Is there a way to clean up user/group permissions in mysql?


I'm managing a XenForo setup that's been previously imported from VB and has a lot of confusing group and user permissions. Removing them all by hand would take a prohibitively long time.

Is there a way to completely delete all of those safely in mysql to have a fresh slate to start from?


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Before an import i prefix the usergroups and forums, etc with "oldsite_" and after the import whatever is left over from the usergroups, i delete those groups after batch updating the users from old_ to our current setup. So it uses those permissions, etc.
Until the old_ groups are empty, and then i remove those. Which removes a lot of nonsense that the import brings along with it.

Then I go to the rebuild tools page and at the bottom click on clean up old permissions, which sometimes help with some of the stuff.

forum wise, updating every forum *grrR* so frustrating.. sometimes i just make a new forum called "offtopic chat" for example, and then move their content over and remove the old forum, which removes the old perms.


@xenfans That's what I was afraid of... I found a query to clear out the forum permissions safely, but the individual user permissions are just taking me forever to do by hand.