Is there a way of saying which thread on a forum has the "best google ranking" ?

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Is there a way of telling which threads google likes the most on your forum ?
I guess the best way would be which threads get the most hits of google searches.

is it possible to look this up in google webmaster tools ?
You can look it up in analytics, but no, no way of finding out without it,
What about a Xenforo addon that parses the analytics and displays the top 100 threads ? hot threads (that are increasing in traffic) ? Would that be useful ? possible ? Would it be a good idea to display popular threads at the bottom of a thread ?

Like this:
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If you know the start of your Google Analytics campaign.... You can set the start date to the end date.

Then look for landing pages, Google ranks your most viewed threads (ahem, pages or url's) and tells you how many return or new visitors there are.
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