XF 2.2 Is there a way to add in the URL forum related to a thread?


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Hey devs, something I'm not sure if its already just a tweak in the setup. ...I want to add in the URLS frm threads after root folder /forums/ -> name of the subforum where the thread is located - eg: based on xf should be something: /community/forums/xenforo-questions-and-support.25/"name of the thread".
in case isn't a core feature, could somebody recommend some addon to manage that?

Many thanks in advance.
i need to.idenrify thread / node related in a quick way, so this will.help to see the success or not from certain subforum areas..my first thought was to add in the url a portion with the node + thread in our testing enviroment to identify them..Perhaps somebody could send me a mysql query to get this info?
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