Add-on Is there a quick post or quick reply addon available? See demo here...


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Check this out.

There's a form on top of the forum list (which is just recent threads I think) and it gives the user a super fast way to post and pick a category.

I think that's a great idea for XF to take some notes from. It could spark faster and easier posting from members, in particular, new members who aren't sure what to do.

I like the way it looks as a forum homepage because it puts the threads front and center, rather than surfing to different nodes, but instead listing the categories (nodes) under it.

While that example uses "categories" we could easily use prefixes or forum nodes in that location.

Any thoughts?

Does something like this exist for XF?

If so, I'd love to check it out and combine it with the "vote for best post" addon to see if I can spark some activity.