Is there a Plugin here that offers "Single Use License Keys" like on IPB? (link in desc)



I'm looking for an alternative forum software since IPB increased prices and just miss manages everything it seems.
I currently use this Plugin:
Commerce will generate a licence key upon a purchase whereas Single Use License Keys app can pre-generate a key "ready to use" either with or without a sale item.


A new product (or editing an existing one) via Commerce app and choose to use the Single Use License Keys licence method. The next step is to view the Single Use License Keys application itself and select 'Import Keys' and the product. You then add the keys (copy/paste recommended) and click to complete. Single Use License Keys will then adjust the stock levels to ensure that a client cannot purchase the product if there are no licence keys available for it.


The overview page in the Single Use License Keys application will let you see the total number of keys that have been already issued and any remaining (free) keys. You can also from this page choose a product and examine its key status too.
Which is the main reason why I have chosen IPB instead of XENFORO, my question is simple, is there an alternative here like that? I wasn't able to find anything like that.
This is the only thing holding me back rn to switch, and I really want to switch.

Kind Regards
As far as I am aware, no there isn't and addon like that. I don't think any of the "product" addons even have an API for license validation although I might be wrong on that one
I'm just looking for a way to "sell" already generated "keys"/"Licenses"(Bulk aka you import them in mass, kinda like here:).
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There is no checking of the keys itself, they just get it/see it on the forum.
The only other thing they would get is "Premium" rank on the forum, but that is already possible with Xenforo add-ons.

But thanks for the answer, i still have hopes xD
I'm just looking for a way to "sell" already generated "keys"/"Licenses"(Bulk aka you import them in mass, kinda like here
Ahh my apologies for the misunderstanding then, not sure about that either but you might have more luck with that rather than a license generation and validation addon. I will look through the resources section and will update you if I find anything
I think there used to be something for XF1 but not seen anything recently and that particular developer left the community.

The products by @DragonByte Tech or @XFA don't obviously support selling keys.

Though what I will say is something like this shouldn't be complicated to do. Whereas IPS requires you to pay extra for any commerce features whatsoever, XF has a framework built in for purchasable items and handling payments.

So if you can find a developer that takes on custom work and is already familiar with this code then it shouldn't be too difficult to do.
@Gaige look into this because I am not sure.
you can extend this addon and make 1 query to check if license already exists on the field type url/ip address before order was made. And make mandatory field for license url/ip address.
This will be solution to license onetime per domain/ip.

2). Making license callback to the master url to the digital product so you can check license status before you install the digital product and after install. Something similar to the vBulletin installation :). It's not that hard.
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