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Is PHP Within XenForo Possible In Any Way?


Active member
I've recently have 7 webmaster tools developed and more are on the way and I would like them into my forum but currently in my eyes my best option is making a html/css template based off my forum theme and casing them in there on another page.

Are there any better options that this within XenForo? I don't understand callbacks and I've never used them so I don't know if that works but from what I've seen it wouldn't so is there any way at all it's possible to have them within XenForo? Be that through a plugin or anything at all that works better than the first idea I said above.


Well-known member
Only issues with either trying to access Xenforo related info (username etc) or integrating with other scripts or plugins. As a way to run custom PHP wrapped in the Xenforo header and footer, it works brilliantly. Why not try it - as it's for external pages it won't impact on your main forum if it doesn't work.