is it possible to switch off


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I have used at one of my websites and I did not like this thing as it had very long loading times and because of my website took forever to load completely.

Is there any chance to turn off when running a XF-website ?

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Looks like caching would not comply with the gravatar ToS: (emphasis mine)
2. Use of the Services by Third Party Websites. Third party websites may enable the use of the Services on their respective websites as expressly authorized by Automattic (e.g., API calls into Gravatar:; provided that they (i) do not copy, store or modify User Submissions; (ii) do not distribute, display, perform, use or otherwise exercise or exploit any User Submission or other user information for any purpose other than as necessary to perform the Services for the applicable user; (iii) have a privacy policy in effect and posted on such website that complies with all applicable laws and regulations and that notifies such user that it will only use personally identifiable information as set forth in (ii) above; and (iv) agree to be bound by and comply with all the terms, conditions, and limitations set forth in the Terms of Service (“Gravatar-enabled website”).
It probably needs an on/off switch though.


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just to let you know: is a product of Automattic Inc. (WordPress).

Even the coders of (also a WordPress product) had to build a feature in order to be able to switch OFF, because webmasters did request from to have the ability to disable

Many webmasters did not like that service and preferred to switch it off.


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how about adding the code that loads the avatars as the user scrolls down? essentially only loading the images that are visible on the user's screen on load.

disqus has that!


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Would be good to disable...dont do what I did....just spent half an hour waiting for the vB importer to find gravatars for 20k+ members :p Surprised they didn't block me for abusing the API! (Props for the great vB importer btw!)


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This seems to be more of a detailed 'how can I' thread, as opposed to a simple 'can it be done' thread.

Since we have re-arranged the forums a bit, I think the general discussions forum might be a better fit than the presales forum.

presales -> general discussions.


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Yes, I would like to know how to turn off this s**t awful feature that probably 1% of our users will utilise. I must admit I'm puzzled why the XF developers haven't included, or as I saw mentioned don't plan to implement, a system for us to upload a selection of default avatars.