Is it possible to create a video game review website ?


Hello I’m interested in Xenforo, but I’d like to find out before I act.
The use I would make of it would be a personal video game review site, but I did not find a topic that matched my search, so I would like to know if this is possible?

I found some interesting themes on the wordpress side, but the weak point is the forums compared to Xenforo.
Then I would like to standardize everything to avoid any compatibility problems, and waste of time on two different CMS, then I feel more on a leash with Xenforo.

Here's the kind of thing I wish I had:
Theme GoodGame
I find the GoodGame theme quite sleek and modern
Theme Gauge
What I like about the Gauge theme is more the notes part, and the grouping of place information has a game, like here.


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You can create any type of website with xenForo. If you want to use Wordpress for the main site, you can install xenForo in a directory and have the Wordpress theme ported to xenForo. Or you can use xenForo with a portal addon and have a theme designed for it.

It's the features you need to ask about, but addons or custom development can likely take care of it.