XF 1.5 Is it possible to split posts where half a post stays and the other half gets moved to other thread?


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Sometimes a user writes a long post where half their post is on-topic and the other half is off-topic.

Is there a way to split such posts where the on-topic half stays and the off-topic half can be moved to another thread?


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Make a copy of the post.
Move one to the off-topic thread.
Edit and remove the unwanted portion in both.
Will the copy keep the same date as the original? In other words, will the copied post have the same time stamp and chronological order in the new thread as if you had moved the original?

For example, let's say we move 100 posts from Thread A to a new Thread X. Now let's say there is a Post B in Thread A such that if we moved it to new Thread X, it would appear in the middle of it around post 50. If we go back to Thread A to split Post B and copy it (PostB-copy) to Thread X (instead of moving it), will PostB-copy appear in the middle of Thread X or at the end of it?


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It will have the same date as the original so postb-copy will appear in the middle of thread X.

Test a couple of your own posts and see before you try it with a member's post.