XF 2.1 Is it possible to move sitemaps folder outside internal_data like code_cache


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I looked in the documentation and could locate no option for sitemap in config file. Was just wondering if this was still possible. Issue is that each sitemap generation process is creating hundreds of files on B2 (cdn) because it keeps each version of the sitemap while it is being generated. It also ends up keeping each copy of sitemap even though versioning is disabled on the bucket. It's not really a bug I guess because S3 and Spaces do not show this behavior. B2 just seems to version everything temporarily. And I guess XenForo only cleans up old/temp data during sitemap generation which means that versioned files are not removed at all.

I am new to CDNs but I still think XenForo folder structure is not really optimized for the guide provided for S3/Spaces. I cannot think of a good reason why code_cache should be on CDN instead of the core hosting. Same for sitemaps folder. Anyhow. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks.
I'm not seeing the issue on s3, as you mention.

Code cache is local for performance and security of the executable php scripts i would hazard a guess.

Why not just set up a small s3cmd cron job to remove sitemap files older than 2 days and run it 6 hours after your sitemap.
yeah i suppose that is one option. temporary files have temp-sitemap-xxxxxxxxxx.xml names so those are easy. for sitemap files, date criteria would have to be used. thanks for the suggestion!

it would still be cool if future xenforo releases are optimized to put only those folders on s3 type services which would really benefit from being offloaded from the primary server! data folder has thumbnail of attachments. image cache and attachments are in internal data folder. it has been a learning experience!
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