Is it possible to have multiple links in a banner?

Lone Wolf

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I'm thinking of using the site banner to link to a few different threads. Does anyone know how I could achieve certain sections of my banner leading to certain sections of the site?


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Probably a few ways!
You could use flash.
You could use separate banners, but they would look like one (that is, one of them sliced up)
You could probably do this with javascript also, but I'm no js expert!

css could probably do it too! Image maps of various types........also.

Brandon Sheley

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You can simply slice the image up in your favorite image editor, then link to whatever you want from those slices..


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I don't think it all can be fully explained in a forum post - but you can google around;

I haven't done it in XF, but you could probably simply past the final code into one of the ad locations - or call in a php or js script that executed it.

You will have to upload the image files somewhere and define where they are, etc....

If this all sounds like greek (unless you are greek), then you may be better hiring someone to do the final work for you.