XF 1.1 Is it possible to do this?


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Hey there everyone! So I have my website (http://straighta.com) and I want to make it so the members in that database can log onto their support forum (studentscorner.net) using the same login credentials they use to login to straighta.com . Is there a way I can make it so users from straighta.com can log in into studentscorner.net without having to register and use their login credentials for studentscorner.net?

Chris D

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XenSSO is for Xenforo <-> Xenforo, it seems to me you are using a CMS of some kind. You need a bridge / SSO from that, not sure if that exists.
Thanks MagnusB :censored:

I must have opened the same site twice as I believed both sites were on XenForo.

My bad... sorrry! :oops: