Is it normal for conversation to disappear, or just a small bug?


I just completed a private conversation with another member here. I left the conversation and chose "ignore future messages," but I definitely wanted to keep a record of the conversation. Initially it appeared as my first and only conversation right away, so I opened it immediately after doing that. Seeing that the link to "leave conversation" was still live, I decided to click it again to make sure, also chose "ignore future messages" again. However, that second time it caused the whole conversation to simply be deleted, so now I do not have access to it anymore. Have searched all my conversation links and it's just gone. It seems to me that would not be the intent, so perhaps it is just a minor bug fix?

Can I recover the conversation just for review (still want it ended/ignore future messages).

Nonetheless, the more I use XF even just here, absolutely love how it works.

P.S. The way the conversation feature works and the way the UI is vs. the "PM" feature I was used to before is also fantastic.
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Chris D

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Once you leave a conversation, you no longer have access to it. It would have been removed from your inbox after the first time you left it so I'm not certain what happened there, but certainly it being removed from your Inbox is the designed behaviour.

The other member will still have access to the conversation unless they leave the conversation.

After all participants in the conversation have left it, we automatically delete it from the database.