Is IE7 Supported?


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I'm been able to recreate this on a regular basis on my own forum, but not here at XF. What's a good way to try and figure out what's actually causing the error?



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It's likely related to your style, if it doesn't happen here. Add-ons are always a potential culprit too.
Yeah looks like you're right. I went and created a new default style and it seems to work fine.

Just to clarify, css/stylesheets couldn't cause this right (only happens when replying to a post/PM)? If so I'll just start reverting templates until I find it. :mad:


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I did notice something else though. When I get this error the chat is borked, for example it doesn't automatically resize, instead you get the scroll bars.


Plus the formatting looks off.


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Is there another error on the page? (A JS error somewhere?)
Something like this?

SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'context'
editor_template.js?_v=6ec63d96, line 283 character 5
$('<a />')
                    .attr('class', 'mceButton mceButtonEnabled bbCodeEditorButton')
                        $('<span />')
                                title: ed.settings.xenforo_bbcode_switch_text[0],
                                'class': 'mceIcon'
                            .click($.context(t, 'wysiwygToBbCode'))
                    .prependTo('#' + + '_tbl td.mceToolbar');


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That sounds like jQuery isn't being loaded properly, but if that were happening, there'd be a load of additional errors. If it doesn't happen on the default style, then there's definitely some sort of customization that's triggering it...