XF 1.5 is "Allow Links" a standard forum permission?


Is this "Allow Links" a standard forum permission - or something an addon put in there?

If it's not a standard forum permission, any ideas how I can remove it?

I have already uninstalled the addon and removed the file off the server .. and still see this permission.


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You've cropped the permissions category out of your image. That would probably give you/us a clue as to what was causing or had added that permission.

The only 'allow links' I have is the default XF signature permissions
Sorry, I just noticed that.

I'm just setting up the forum (for the first time) and didn't even see the permission section names.

Perhaps they should be a in a different color, as for me they are completely washed out with all the other black text on the page.
Resurrecting this thread.

I looked in my group Registered - I see two permissions with the word "link" and both are related to sigs - is there a way to regulate links in forum posts, not just sig files?

Thanks in advance.

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